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By Rand Milton

March 10, 2008 - Another major dumpage of 2 feet brought out the best powder skiing of the season! Plus, the trails around Powder Mill made snow shoeing a lot of fun as well as a good work out. The toboggan run was tamped down by snow shoes and made for an exciting ride all the way out to the road.

Brian is all smiles with all the snow.                Rand takes a well earned break at "Look Out Bench"

By Rand Milton

Jan. 7, 2008 - With major dumps of snow during the Christmas break, conditions have been ideal. All of the mountains in the area have all their runs open in what many are calling "one of the best ski seasons" in a lond time. Coupled with good friends, great times were had by all.

Aidan, taking instructions from Tom, shows nice form while Karen and Liz (light blue jacket) watch. A close-up shot shows Aidan's fine wedge form.

There is hope for Dave's drinking habits as he happily drinks a Heineken. Never in our wild dreams would he be seen with anything other than a Bud in his hand in prior years.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots is a hit with Liz (flexing her bicep) aka "the champ" after she knocks Tom's
block off. Rand and Dave enjoying a preliminary round.

By Tom Montalbine

Nov. 26, 2007 - I have said it before, skiing in November and April are some of the best times to ski. The temperatures are usually mild, crowds are minimal and conditions are good. Last year was an exception but almost every other year in the past I have skied in November and had some great days.

This year was possibly one of the best in a long while. Karen and I skied at Okemo on Thanksgiving weekend and they had more trails open that I expected. What was open was in great shape and had good coverage. The upper mountain had two trails open at the Sun Bowl and there were at least 6 trails open in the middle of the mountain including my favorite run, World Cup. They even had Solitude open with two runs. No lift lines to speak of and while it was cold it climbed up to 45 degrees during the day. No lines deal with at all.

Okemo has instituted a NO BAGS IN THE LODGE policy which is similar to what Stratton did a few years ago. They closed off the doors that everyone used to go in and out of so you can only go in and out of the front doors over by the ski shop and out the back doors over by the Sitting Bull. This policy is a royal pain in the ass as you have to either hoof your skis over by the mountain then make your way back inside to get your boots on or you can leave them over by the ski shop and then you have to walk out the front to then hoof back to the slopes. I am not sure if this is some kind of trend that all mountains are going through but if you go out West, most of the resorts do not have a Main Base Lodge where you can store your gear. Most people out west just use their cars to store their gear and they get dressed in the parking lot. If you want to store your bag for the day you have to find one of the few remaining cubby holes (they moved most of them upstairs) or get a locker (not too many of them around) or pay for a basket rental (which looks like it will be crowded and a waste of time).

Back at the ski house Dave Dempsey and I installed a new microwave oven over the stove. We had to move the spice cabinet up 6 inches and Dave rigged the fan vent so that we did not have to cut another hold in the outside wall. It was quite an engineering marvel when he got through. This gives us more counter space in the corner so we are going to ask everyone to put their food on the counter in the corner instead of on the island over the dishwasher. Dave also helped put away the summer furniture off the deck, split firewood and helped with the hot tub maintenance. Thanks Dave!

On Friday night after Thanksgiving we went over to the Ploch's residence and had a big party. The Ploch's and Beckers had a giant bowl of Stone Crab Claws flown up from Clearwater and we gorged ourselves like pigs feeding at the troth. Incredibly delicious. Then we threw on the steaks and ate a tremendous meal that was better than Thanksgiving day!

Liz Dempsey has discovered a new party game that we can play at the house. We played the boys vs. the girls and ended up tied 2 games a piece. We did not go for the tie breaker because it was getting pretty competitive and the boys did not want to hurt the girls feelings.

Drank lots of wine, ate lots of food and skied on lots of snow. It was a great weekend!


A great meal was had New Year's Eve at the 3 Clock Inn

Winter 2006 - Brian Milton decides to be a two-planker and loves it!

Brian, his second day on skis, shows good form at Bromley.

2005 Christmas/New Years brings old and new friends together for a fun filled week! - Report by Rand

A packed house featured old and new friends for a a great holiday week. Marcos, Cindy and little Renata Silva were up as well as long time member (turned Pond Scum) Kathy Boyle, new members Mark & Nicola Melvin, the Dempseys, Montalbines, the Miltons, and a few guests made for a very nice time for all.

Activites included skiing, boarding, hiking, hot tubbing, fabulous meals, swapping a new stove for the old stove, and of course playing various card games, and "Dooto". Brian Milton, age 3, had his first day on skis at Bromley and had a great time and can't wait to do it again.

Happy hikers take a short break on the Keith Trail for a photo.

Brian Milton sledding
at the Eagle's Nest

Dave & Liz Dempsy

Aiden Montalbine is ready
for an afternoon hike

2005 Thanksgiving Weekend - Report by Tom
We were up in VT this past weekend and conditions were excellent. Dave and Liz were up with Daves mom and a friend Bill., Karen Aidan and I were also there.

Okemo had a good amount of terrain open on the main part of the mountain. The Sun bowl only had two trails open and Solitude and J Gore were closed but what they did have open was in surprising good shape and very few rocks poking through.

We went to Stratton on Sunday and again found great conditions for this time of year. Stratton has less terrain open but they are trying to open an new trail every day. They are expecting 50 degree temps today and some rain but they have a solid base built up and hopefully will be back in the snowmaking weather soon. Sun Bowl was closed, Snow bowl had two trails open, The Meadow and Spruce. Kidderbrook area was closed and on the main mountain Standard, Tamarack were closed.

Hung out with good friends Mark and Mara Ploch on Saturday night and had a fiest over their friends house. We ate big and skied hard, a perfect weekend.

DirecTV came to the house and was unable to find a place to hook up the dish. Looks like we will be unable to get satellite dish. If you must watch TV, make sure you bring up your own tapes and DVD's.

On Friday we hiked up the Appalation Trail on the way towards the peak of Bromley (Still not open) due to the fresh snowfall we had trouble following the trail and only made it halfway up before turning back onto a snowmobile trail which took us back down towards the bottom. It was a great but short hike.

Lake Tahoe Ski Trip
February, 2005
- Report by Tom

Rob Bransfield, Margo and Brannen Brock and Tom Montalbine flew to Lake Tahoe for a ski trip. Lake Tahoe is on the California/Nevada border. It is part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range where thousands of covered wagons had to pass through to get to California in the gold rush days. The Lake is huge and is surrounded on all sides by steep mountains.

A few of the ski resorts in the area are Heavenly, Kirkwood, Sierra, Alpine Meadows, Squaw (former site of Olympics in 1960's) Homewood and a bunch of others. We went to Squaw our first day which is an hours drive from Tahoe. They had 14 feet of base and the mountain was in excellent shape. Very steep and lots of packed powder. It was sunny and warm. The next day we went to Kirkwood. Again we had sunny conditions but no fresh powder. Kirkwood had a bowl called the "Wall" and we had lots of fun on this extremely steep section. Brannen who is relatively new to skiing got up the courage and conquered this challenging section with us.

The next two days we went to Heavenly. This mountain is minutes from Tahoe and when you get to the top and look out over the lake surrounded by snow capped peaks you know why its called the Heavenly valley. It is just incredible. We did a lot of glades skiing here as the weekends get relatively crowded. But off in the trees you find the soft stuff and its pretty wide open, not like in VT. They have a section called Mott Canyon which is so steep you have to get right to the edge to look over the top and see where the trail goes. By this point in the trip, Brannen and Margo showed no fear and ripped this tough section up. Rob had fun on another steep section called the "face" where he had a yard sale and had to climb back up to get his gear on the last run of the day. Not easy at 9,000 feet in altitude

Tahoe is a gambling town and one night we saw the comedian Ralphie May do his show at a casino. This gave us plenty of one liners to keep us chuckling on the lifts. It's a long flight but a great place to ski. You have to try it!

Brannen & Margo with scenic Lake Tahoe behind them

Tom teaking a short rest before ripping up the powder

Tom vs. the mogul field

Columbus Day Weekend
Oct. 11-12, 2003 Report by Rand

With fall foliage in full color and a full house of good friends, this weekend was hit. On Sat, Rob, Rand, Tom, Greg and Brannen played golf as a 5-some while Nina and Margo teed off a little later. It was a sunny gorgeous day and everyone had fun.

On Sunday, the girls went for massages while the boy's stayed home to go hiking and babysit as Brian (Rand & Ro's kid), Demi (Rob & Nina's kid) and Aiden (Tom & Karen's 6 week old) were also a part of the festivities as well as the long hike on Sunday down to the Lowell Lake.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so we
won't bore you with descriptions.
BUT it was a great weekend!!!


Aiden Nazareno Montalbine
Born: Sat., August 30th
Weight: 9 lbs 2 ounces
Length: 22 inches

Mom, Dad and baby are doing great.

Earwaxing and Trees - February 4, 2002
Report by Rand

What started out as a great time became a mostunusual weekend. With a full house for the Feb.1-2 weekend, Ray Abruzzi showed us how to remove earwax. See full story below.

BUT the tragedy within the house was Rob breaking both bones in his left forearm while fending off a tree. We will miss Rob and hope he mends quickly, especially since he is needed to change diapers soon!!! Good luck Rob!!!!

The above picture to the shows Rob leaving the hospital in Bennington.

The picture to the left is not the tracks of a Lionel Train Set. It is an X-Ray of Rob's arm after surgery.


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