Information to Open & Close the House:

The link below is to a PDF document that has VERY important information on the house. Please make sure you print it out and have a copy with you whenever you visit the Eagle's Nest!!!



1.  Leave the house clean (the way you found it).

2.  No pets (sheep, gerbils, chickens, goats, etc.).

3.  When making a fire or dealing with ashes, think twice, be extremely careful.
     Do not attempt to clean the fireplace!!!

4.  Set the thermostats down to 50 degrees when not in the house and when
     leaving to go skiing or out for the day

5.  Members are allowed to bring guests.  As a courtesy, check with other
     members to see who else will be bringing guests.  This will insure that there are
     enough beds for all.  The guest fees are $40/night/person.

6.  Collect guest fees for each of your guests. Guest fees help defer the costs of the
     rental, the plowing and the utilities. We urge you to bring guests, but make it your
     business to get the fees out of them. Please turn over the guest fees promptly to
     Tom or Karen.

7.  Absolutely no smoking in the house.

8.  Please remove shoes and boots upon entering.

9.  It is required that everyone has a good time and enjoy themselves!


1.  Guests must be accompanied by a member of the house.

2.  Members might find it beneficial to check with other members to see how
     crowded the house will be before inviting several guests up. Check the calendar!

3.  Remember! Members have preference over use of the house, bedrooms and
     bed space.  (When it comes to bedrooms - guests are one step above
     pond scum in the biological chain of life!)

4.  All guests are welcome to participate in cleaning the house before they leave.

5.  Particularly abusive & offensive guests will find themselves either:
     a) swimming in the ice skating pond
     b) dragged behind a snowmobile through the wooded nature trails
     c) hanging from a pine tree by their toes slathered in VT's finest maple syrup
     d) with a ski pole shoved up their arse
     e) all of the above

6.  Really - we love guests, but keep them in control.


1.  The key for the chalet will be sent to each of the house members. Contact Tom.

2.  You must supply your own linens and towels (sheets, pillow cases, etc). Do not
      leave linens on the beds.

3.  The house has phone service. The number is 802-824-6799. You can receive calls
     for free, but any outgoing calls beyond the 824 exchange must be charged to a
     calling card.

4.  You are responsible for bathroom items, ie. toilet paper, soap, shampoo, kleenex,
     etc.  All of your shopping needs can be found in
Londonderry, 4 miles west
     of Powder Mill on Route 11.

5.  The house will be periodically stocked with firewood, but you must supply your
     own kindling and paper. We pay for this wood so go easy on it. Please make sure
     you restock the firewood in the house before you leave. It’s nice to get up there
     and make a fire. Be considerate to the other members.

6.  Members are responsible for shoveling any walkway to the house.

7.  Please do not bring your pets. They are not allowed in the house.

8.  The plumbing and septic system in the house is a bit more fragile than what you
     may be used to in your own home - please use water sensibly and do not
     flush foreign objects down the toilet.

Vermont is "snow country"- please equip your car with snow tires, a tow line, etc.
     If you get stuck, getting out will be at your expense if you need to be towed.

10. Upon leaving the house, lock all doors, check for & close any open windows,
 close the curtains to keep out drafts, lower the thermostats, shut off the water,
      and turn off the lights.

11.  Do not leave anything in the house that you value dearly. If it gets "lost" or
       stolen it's your problem, not ours.

12.  Members and guests are asked to leave the house clean and tidy. Bathrooms,
       bedrooms, and kitchen should be so that everything is left like you had never
       been there.  Sponge the showers, clean the toilets, mop the floors, and vacuum
       the carpets. Cleaning  supplies are located underneath the sink in each
bathroom or beneath the sink in the kitchen.

13.  Bring a flashlight for evening arrivals as there are no road lights on the property.

14.  In consideration of others in Powder Mill, snowmobiling will take place between
       the hours of
9 am to 9 pm only.

15.  Skeet shooting & discharging of firearms is not permitted on Powder Mill
       property. There is a skeet range on Rt 11 in
Chester open on Sundays only.

16.  Each member will be shown how to turn on/off the water to the house, and the
       location of the circuit breaker panel. When the house is not occupied, the
       water should be shut off and the hot water circuit breaker should be off.

17.  Do not leave perishable items in the refrigerator! If you can not eat it, do not
       leave it for the next week.  Chances are whoever comes up will not eat any
       food that is wrapped and left in the refrigerator because they do not know how
       long it has been there.  Just throw it out.


Yes you can leave stuff up at the house! You will be allowed to leave your skis/boards in the new shed.  Your bag must be stowed in the designated storage area.  You must vacate ALL your personal belongings from the rooms before you leave. Non-perishable food can be left up at the house but don't complain if it gets eaten or drunk in your absence! All food, unless specifically labeled, is considered community property, and even then we make no guarantees.


The house is equipped with oil/hot water heaters. The floors have individual thermostats for heat on each floor. Unless you are using the room, please keep the thermostat set at 50 degrees. Before leaving the house each day, make sure that all thermostats and heaters are turned down. The money you save will be your own.


Most of the heat is lost through the cover, make sure the cover is down tightly when not in use. Do not jump, dive, have sex or go crazy in the hot tub, the deck is not made to support strong movement.  Do not hang on the deck overhead. The hot tub will be set to automatically go down to 80 deg when not in use. Plan on raising the temperature several hours before you want to use it. More on the hot tub when we finally get it working…


There is only one well on the property now, (the north well). When the house is occupied by more than 12 persons who all take showers, flush the toilets constantly, wash dishes, etc, the well could run out of water. This condition is not permanent but might take a day or two to regenerate. Try to conserve water, shower with a friend, do dishes with the dishwasher, do not flush the toilet every time you have to take a pee. The water was checked by a testing lab and is potable. It does have a high mineral content and contains a lot of iron, hence the reddish tint to the color.

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