Bromley had a serious fire in their snowmaking pump house knocking out snowmaking to the entire mountain. The fire occurred Dec. 16th. Read their letter sent out below:

Bromley Mountain

Dear loyal guests, homeowners and local community,

You may have heard about a fire at Bromley Saturday night - this message will address the fire in our Primary Pump House that occurred during the night of December 16 and early morning December 17. It began with an electrical fault, and local fire departments responded. We are grateful no one was injured in the incident.

Snowmaking and terrain status as of today: Bromley enjoys 178 acres of skiable terrain total, with snowmaking coverage on 135. We’re currently skiing and riding on 99 acres, 74 of which have snowmaking capability. Prior to shutting down last night, Team Snowmageddon has pumped 50 million gallons up the mountain this season, leaving another 20 acres of additional terrain ready to be groomed and added to the trail count. Blue Ribbon and Yodeler will provide East Side access, and Plaza and Lord’s Prayer will provide slope side access for Bromley Village guests. By the end of the week we expect to be at 30 trails, spanning 118 open acres (66% open), with 93 of our snowmaking acres covered (almost 70%).

What this means for Bromley right now: snowmaking is currently on hold, as Primary Pump functioned to push water up the mountain. We are actively working to source parts to put a temporary fix in place, allowing us to resume snowmaking as soon as possible.
The long range plan now includes an opportunity for renovating a 20 year old system – it was state of the art when installed in the early 1990’s, but certainly has room for improvement today. We’ll release details on the long range plan once clean up is complete, salvageable parts identified, and a new shopping list finalized.

What does this mean for your holiday plans? Mother Nature has provided us with great natural snow so far this season (over 2 feet), plus enough cold hours in November and December to achieve the snowmaking coverage outlined above. Our Snowsports School, Kids Center and all other Mountain Operations will continue as usual. Updates on the snowmaking pump system rebuild will be delivered as available. 

From all of us at Bromley, thank you for skiing and riding your Sun Mountain.

Bromley Mountain
3984 Vermont Route 11
Peru, Vermont 05152

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Last Updated: December 18, 2017

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